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"Die to self, take on the pressure" says Chris Wells in this very insightful article about how opposite the atmosphere often is between non-believers and believers when believers try to witness. Perhaps the most helpful thing we can do when we are trying to witness is the most uncomfortable thing for us but it will be the most comfortable for the person we are witnessing to and hence easier for them to listen. Check out this article - it is a worthwhile read.

"All this to say, instead of simply inviting that friend to your next church service and placing all the pressure on them, what if you took some of that pressure upon yourself? What if, instead of handing them a flier, you asked them to have a look at the gospel of Mark with you over coffee? Will you be nervous? Sure. Will you need some training? Maybe. Have a look at David Helm’s excellent One-to-one Bible Reading. But as you die to yourself and take on that pressure, know that you are creating an environment where your friend can encounter the living and active word of God for the first time." --Chris Wells

Let me know (Dana) if you want to borrow a copy of One-to-one Bible Reading

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