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The Church Library provides media resources, printed material, and resource recommendations in support of  Christian growth, discipleship and wholesome entertainment.

The library provides many services and benefits for every age group preschool through adults as well as for church programs and leaders. Our collections consist primarily of Christian material, but also include many selections of good fiction, non-fiction, and biography books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, concordances, study kits, and magazines that will edify, educate and entertain. It is our goal to provide the latest releases while maintaining older classics.


The table just outside the library features topics of special interest. It may be resources for the current sermon series, Sunday School topic or current events.  If you are looking for material on any topic, the library staff is always eager to recommend books or DVD's from our collection.


Our children's resource room has many outstanding books and DVDs that are added to regularly.

Books in the library.  

Click here to open the library in new window. 

This searchable list has both the inventory in the church library AND a searchable list of recommended books.   Select the desired lists on the left hand side of the window below: 

Note: The recommended book list contains books curated by member Dana Perkins as having biblical support and the best books he has found on selected subjects.  They do not necessarily represent the views of the URC or the Elders.

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