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Perspectives for Life

Minibooks - Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

CCEF publishes nearly 200 minibooks that address a wide range of everyday issues like marriage, parenting, mental health, and much more. Each minibook is small enough for the average reader to finish in less than thirty minutes and are filled with practical gospel-centered counsel.

Many of these minibooks can be found in the entryway to the church. They are free. Why not take a few home to read for yourself or to share with family and friends?

Hint - Before visiting the website at the button "Available Minibooks" located below, watch this 14 second video.

The books are tagged by subject.  The video shows you how to limit the display.


Anxiety, Depression, and the Comfort of Christ

Anxiety and depression result from the interplay of our having bodies, being social creatures with a soul and being soverignly situated. This article is very helpful in helping us know what Jesus Christ has to offer us in our struggles with anxiety and depression.

Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has touched many areas of life. Our daily routines have shifted and we suddenly find ourselves navigating uncharted waters and experiencing a range of emotions. We hope this page of resources will be an encouragement to you.

Read Slow - An Encouragement to Read Books in a Day of Anxious Headlines

From a solidly Reformed seminary.

"In light of these unprecedented times, we, as a bookstore, would like to do something a bit different in this newsletter. We’ve collected 15 of our favorite chapters that help us slow down and understand ourselves and our God in the midst of scary and uncertain times. These readings are available to download for free. We pray they will be a comfort to you and those you care for. Please read, share and be encouraged."

Josiah Pettit, Director,

John Piper's Coronavirus and Christ

In response to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, John Piper has written a short book, Coronavirus and Christ (Crossway, April 2020).

Desiring God partnered with WORLD magazine to provide you with this timely resource in its print, digital, and audiobook versions at no cost.

Gospel Resources on COVID-19

The Gospel Coalition is a collection of pastors and qualified elders who provide direction and leadership to TGC. They meet annually for fellowship, discussion, planning, accountability, and prayer around the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Aiming to bring biblical conviction and pastoral sensitivity to bear on a range of pressing contemporary issues, the Council is committed to shepherding the next generation of church leaders in line with TGC’s foundation documents.

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