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Pride - a note to self - a Kelly Holland Devotional

Note to Self:

Warning! Pride is everywhere and it only leads to destruction. If you do not believe this warning—think again (it is pride telling you that). James Boice writes, "Pride, lies at the heart of the human race. It is the center of leads to every other vice." Pride destroys relationships and is visible for the entire world to see. Do not despair, with the help of the Holy Spirit and sound biblical applications pride can be replaced with humility.

The sin of pride destroys man's relationship with God and his fellow man. A man's primary purpose in life is to seek first the kingdom of God and glorify him forever. However, a prideful man elects himself king, as he seeks to build a kingdom of self-honor upon the pillars of self- sufficiency. A prideful man looks upon his neighbor with disdain. How can a man rebel against God and love his neighbor? It is impossible! When man climbs the ladder of personal glory, he must step on the rungs of those below him.

Man wears pride as an armament and stores it deep in the closet of his heart. Each morning he adorns the full armor of pride for the world to admire. He buckles the belt of arrogance around his waist. The breastplate of self-confidence sets proudly upon his chest. Independence and self-importance are tied securely on both feet. Prideful man will continue in this morning ritual until the closet door of his heart is pried open by God. The moth of pride will destroy man's armor, leaving him defenseless against the imminent destruction of his vain accomplishments.

There is hope! The Bible teaches humility—the ultimate weapon able to defeat pride. Humility is a daily reminder that what we have received did not come from self. Everything man receives is a gift from God. The closet of the heart must be emptied daily of pride and replaced with humility. This is done through daily meditation of scripture, reminding us to be humble. Such humility is found in Prov. 16:5: "Everyone who is proud in his heart is an abomination to the Lord; assuredly, he will not go unpunished." Learn to give of yourself by finding ways to offer your talents and gifts given to you by God to help the less fortunate; volunteer in a soup kitchen or the city's orphanage. The Holy Spirit is the One who can empty the heart of pride and fill it with a godly humility—just ask Him to.

Pride is a sin hidden deep in the heart of every man and it only leads to a destructive life. Pride causes man to rest his eyes on his own accomplishments—as he screams from the top of his lungs, "look what I have accomplished!" Thankfully, God gives each of us a way to escape through the practice of humility. I challenge every reader to cry out, "Lord, how can I humbly myself so that I can better serve you and my neighbors?" I promise, He will answer you.

Kelly Holland

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