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Winter 2022 
How to Love Your Neighbor in a Transgender Culture

Purpose of the class: to bring clarity to the reasons for the transgender movement and to give clear biblical direction on how to live in this culture without compromising the Scripture’s teaching on sexuality nor our conscience.

This 4-6 week class will be covering the following topics

  • An introduction to the topic

  • The need for compassion

  • How we got to the current cultural climate

  • The vocabulary of the transgender revolution

  • What the Bible says about humanity and gender

  • How theology works itself in the lives of real people

  • Answering some tough questions

  • Challenging the Transgender Movement.

Resources for the class

Book Cover -God and The Transgender Debate.jpg

God and the Transgender Debate:

What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gender Identity (Expanded and Updated) 

by Andrew T. Walker

This will be the main resource for the series but will be accompanied by material from other sources.

A number of short videos on this book can be found at

Copies of the book will be available for sale or can be checked out from the library.

Class 1 - Feb 20, 2022  - Introduction

Link to video: How transgender people experience life – 2 min video

Link to video: Albert Mohler: God's Design for Male & Female - 21 min video

Class 2 - Feb 27, 2022  - How We Got To Where We Are

Class 3 - Mar 6, 2022  - Do You Really Believe What You Believe Is Real?


Class 4- Mar 13, 2022  - God's Design For Male and Female


Class 5- Mar 27, 2022  - Beauty and Brokenness


Class 6- Apr 3, 2022  - Challenging The Church


Class 7- Apr 10, 2022  - Laura To Jake and Back Again

                   Case Studies

                   World Magazine Article

Sunday School - Post High School and Up

Course Resources

A Christian Response to Wokeness (FULL VIDEO) | Noelle Mering | Leadership Institute


The Gospel is Big Enough for Our Transgender Neighbors – Al Mohler 5:27 min Sep 18, 2018


A number of short videos answering questions answered in the book “God and The Transgender Debate” expanded edition.  Includes 1.5 min on Should I call a transgender person a him or her.


Albert Mohler: God's Design for Male & Female  21 min


Ask Pastor John  He or She? How Should I Refer to Transgender Friends?  10 min


Should I Call Someone by Their Preferred Pronouns? | Sam Allberry  Answering a number of questions


Dr. Richard Caldwell – Pastor answers the question Should Christians Refer To People By Their Preferred Pronouns?  9 min.  Consider this one


Sam Allberry interview: Sexual identity debates, abuse in Christian contexts, and apologetics

A series of excellent questions answered by Sam  Consider using seqments of this


What Christians Just Don't Get About LGBT Folks  Rosario Butterfield  3:17 min


YouTube search  Personal Pronouns


What’s Wrong with Woke?

NOELLE MERING • 8/9/2021    28 min interview


Short testimonial videos


Jackie Hill Perry on the Biggest Thing About LGBT Folks that Christians Just Don't Seem to Get 2.08 min


Rosaria Butterfield on the Biggest Thing that Christians Can Learn from the LGBT Community  2.40 min

Messy Grace Trailer | Loving LGBT in Grace and Truth         2.26 min


Jackie Hill-Perry's Testimony | From Lesbian to Child of God     4.00 min

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