About Us


Our church was established in 1995.  In 1997, we became a charter member of a federation of churches called the United Reformed Churches of North America.  We teach and proclaim the eternal truths of the Word of God, the Bible.  To that Word our church strives to be faithful.


What Our Name Means:


Immanuel - This means "God is with us", which God accomplished through the life and work of Jesus Christ.


United - We are Christians, united in Christ, and affiliated with the United Reformed Churches of North America. We covenant together with other United Reformed churches through our Church Order


Reformed - This name relates us to the historic Protestant Reformation declaring faith in Christ as the only way of salvation and the Bible as the infallible and inspired Word of God.


Church - We are called a "church" because we have been brought together by God for Christian fellowship, discipleship, and biblical worship of God


What We Believe:


We believe that the teaching of the Bible are faithfully summarized in the historic creeds and confessions of the Reformed Churches. Immanuel United Reformed Church subscribes to the Three Forms of Unity of the Reformed Faith and The Ecumenical Creeds.

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